Apsa Services

Logistics & Laboratory

All the products we commercialise have a double guarantee: a guarantee from the manufacturers and brands we represent, which are periodically audited, and a guarantee of Apsa Internacional itself.

To this end we have an ISO 9001 Food Quality & Safety Management System, certified by IRAM/IQ-Net, and the SENASA approved GMP. We also have our own laboratory in Argentina, where we do physicochemical and microbiological tests, and we are supported by APSALAB, a state-of-the-art laboratory in Reus, Spain. APSALAB, certified with the most accredited European and Worldwide Quality Standards, offers physicochemical and microbiological tests to the group and to external companies from the European community.



The logistics service of our products, which has allowed us to grow over the years in the local market, is one of the elements that sets us apart. Through our own logistics we ensure product transportation anywhere in the country. Our distribution warehouse and headquarters are based in Gral. Rodríguez (Buenos Aires) but we also have commercial offices in the provinces of Entre Ríos and Córdoba, where we operate for the whole country, optimising Apsa’s reach across all the regions of Argentina. In each one of these distribution centres we have enough stock to guarantee that our customer's requests can be handled properly and in a timely manner. For export markets we have an efficient team of professionals who specifically deal with our products' needs at a technical, logistical and commercial level.



APSA'S priority is to provide products of the highest quality and security to our clients, ensuring an optimal commercial service. The trust that our clients and suppliers place on us is due to our commitment with quality, which involves every single person that forms part of our company. Our pursuit of excellence and our commitment to animal health and nutrition are the guidelines for our ongoing dedication to innovation. For this reason we have built our own laboratory for Quality Control where the following analysis are carried out:

Purity testing of actives: Quantitative analytical chemistry, HPLC, Near-infrared spectrophotometry.
Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) for product identification.
Assay testing of pharmaceutical actives and vitamins by HPLC
Assay testing of purity by iodometry
Microbiological assays
pH assay
Assay of physical properties
Blend testing
Food microscopy
Small-scale production of premixes in order to ensure the quality of the product before being manufactured.
Investigation and development of new products
Product stability test
Analysis of raw materials and feed
Soybean complex deactivation control

We are also assisted by a group of specialists from APSALAB, a company of the PINTALUBA GROUP, which combines R+D support with the physicochemical and microbiological analysis of our raw materials, nutritional premixes and veterinary products.