Apsa Internacional is an organization devoted to the production and commercialisation of additives and products for Animal and Human Health and Nutrition. What drives the development of our activities is our pursuit of excellence through a system of Quality Management, Safety, Security, Environmental Management and Social Responsibility, achieved by fulfilling the following premises:

To consolidate the company's participation and competitiveness in the market, accompanying our clients' growth.
To Develop products of excellence and to provide intelligent solutions to our clients.
To continually and progressively improve the quality, safety, impact and security of our processes.
To achieve our people's constant commitment and training, preserving their well-being and safety, as well as preserving the well-being and safety of contractors, visitors, suppliers or any other person involved.
To comply with current legislation, prerequisites, standards and corporate goals.
To select suppliers who ensure the quality and safety of their products and services.

By directing our efforts towards these premises, our goal is to increase our products' safety, sustainability, efficiency, productivity and quality so as to ensure the satisfaction of all the parties involved.


Apsa Internacional is a dynamic and profitable company, leader in manufacturing and commercialising products for the animal health and nutrition market and the environmental hygiene market. We offer a remarkable technical and professional support, as well as products and services of the highest quality.

apsa mission


We are a leading company in the market and we prioritise medium and long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers within a "win-win" framework.

We provide our clients raw material solutions, as well as high-quality and highly-competitive products.
We offer our suppliers an attractive channel of distribution.
We guarantee our shareholders a profitable and sustainable company.
We propose our employees a safe and feasible business and economic and professional development.
We offer the market a company responsible for complying with international standards, ensuring the safety of the community and the environment.


We firmly believe that reaching the goals that we have proposed for ourselves is of utmost importance. But what really matters is how we achieve those goals. Thus, we have built up a humane team of excellence whose honesty, commitment, quality and flexibility are its core and fundamental values.



APSA Internacional is part of the Pintaluba Group from Spain, a conglomerate of companies that has been present in the European Health and Nutrition market, both human and animal, for 40 years.

The international presence of Andrés Pintaluba SA in over 70 countries has made it one of the most important European suppliers in the Animal Food Industry.
Internationalisation is one of the cornerstones of development. As a result of this global strategy, the PINTALUBA GROUP has branches in the following countries: Portugal (VETALMEX), Argentina (APSA INTERNACIONAL), Brazil (PINTALUBA DO BRASIL) and Libya (POLICHEM LIBYA).